Consulting and business management

The team of professionals of quattro is highly specialized in advising and managing small and medium enterprises. We take charge, in an efficient and professional way, of the fulfillment of all the formal obligations of the company in labor, fiscal, accounting and mercantile legal matters. Our main added value to the company is to support the decision-making body of the administration body.

Labor Area
  • Business Advice and Labor Management
  • Layoffs
  • Claims for quantity
  • Labor Relations of Senior Management
  • SMAC
  • Judiciary
  • Means
  • Labor Inspections
  • Contracts, payroll and Social Security
  • Employment Regulation Files
  • Salary Costs Reports
Mercantile Area
  • Business Advice of Companies.
  • Constitution of societies
  • Planning of corporate structures
  • Your society Active in 24 hours.
  • Constitution and management of Foundations and Associations
  • Modifications and dissolution of Companies
  • Commercial Contracts
  • Foreign companies, advice and establishment of subsidiaries
  • Permanent Establishments
  • Societal Conflicts: Protection of minority partners
  • Conflicts between partners. Family partnerships
Tax and Tax Area
  • Business Tax Advice and Management
  • Fiscal Planning. National and international.
  • International Taxation
  • Inspections and Fiscal Representations
  • Appeals and complaints
  • Application for undue income
  • Intrastat Statements
  • Fractioning and postponements of payments
  • Taxation of Construction and Real Estate Companies
  • Taxation of Functions and other non-profit entities.
  • Enforcement procedure for debts and Social Security.
  • Fiscal Audits
  • Seizure for the reception of electronic notifications
  • Presentation of electronic invoices before Public Administrations
Accounting area
  • Consulting and business management.
  • Design of specific accounting plans for different business sectors.
  • Real-time accounting.
  • Accounting Update
  • Design of analytical accounting system
  • Internal audit
  • Preparation and legalization of the Official Accounting Books.
  • Deposit of Annual Accounts in the Mercantile Registry.
Probate Taxation
  • Tax planning for succession of family or business assets intervivos and mortis causa.
  • Study and planning of the structure of the Heritage Succession. In favor of the different generations (grandparents, parents, grandchildren) to achieve a lower fiscal cost of inheritance taxes on income and on equity.
  • Advice on Succession Law.
  • Act of Notoriety of Declaration of Heirs.
  • Inheritance Tax.
Consulting Service
  • Design and implementation of Quality and Environmental Management Systems.
  • Performance of Internal Audits of Management Systems already implemented.
  • The global attitude towards the environment has changed significantly, and every day more.
  • Respect for the environment is also a legal obligation, an asset that your company can and should exploit in its corporate communication.
  • Realization of initial diagnoses of situation
  • Initial environmental reviews
  • Audits of compliance with environmental legal requirements
  • Determination and definition of environmental aspects.
Audit Service
  • Our vision of the auditor is that of a very special collaborator of the company. With the necessary professional independence and fulfilling the objective of expressing a professional opinion, we provide added value to the client.
  • Knowledge of the company, The relationship with our customers continues after the audit
  • Adaptation to the client’s planning. We carried out the Audit in two phases: Pre-phase and Final phase, in order to shorten delivery times for the report.
  • We review the internal control of the company
  • We take advantage of modern technological tools to perform the work.
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